In effective psychotherapy, it is essential to me that each person experiences being heard and understood, sees realistic hope for change, and is lovingly supported and skillfully guided toward that change.

Transformation may involve insight, clarity, emotional release, practical problem solving, improving communication skills, dissolving blocks and healing trauma.

Healing through counseling  helps lead to successful relationships and to finding direction in one’s life and career.   Each person, couple, and family is unique and is met where they are and in ways they need.

During my 40+ years as a psychotherapist, couples’ counselor, and life coach, I have assisted  individuals and couples to find a deeper capacity to love and be loved, a greater joy, and the sense of confidence and ease that comes from a deeper awareness of their worth.    I have extensive training and experience in helping people with depression, anxiety, P.T.S.D., panic disorder, addictions, sexuality issues, nutrition, personal growth, and more.  I am committed to helping people make lasting changes.   My approach includes both traditional psychotherapeutic skills and an appreciation for spiritual values.

It is a joy to facilitate people’s empowerment, healing and growth.

With Individuals, I Specialize In:
– Depression & Sadness – Addictions & Compulsions
– Anxiety & Fears – Sexuality
– Grief – Parenting Counseling
– Low Self-Esteem – Life Purpose, Direction and Meaning
– Feeling Stuck  -Eating Disorders
With Couples I Specialize In:
– Communication Skills – Parenting
– Conflict Resolution – Avoiding Divorce
– Building Trust – Healthy Divorce
– Emotional Intimacy – Infidelity
– Sexual Intimacy – Learning to Receive Love